RFID Safe Soft-Sided Premium Leather Zippered Wristlet Wallet. RFID P1716

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  • zip closure
  • Protect your RFID Credit Cards, Debit Cards, ID Cards from electronic pickpocketing
  • INSIDE : The inside of the bag has a full-size open compartment and a smaller 6" x 3" slip pocket against one wall.
  • SIZE : It measures 7.5" wide and 4" high, making it roomy enough to accommodate a checkbook, a stack of coupons, bills that need to be paid, cosmetics, a cell phone, or a variety of other things you might need to have with you.
  • HANDBAG : This rugged little wristlet is a zippered handbag that can be carried inside of a purse as a wallet, or be used independently as a purse in its own way.